About Us

Capital Storytelling was founded in 2018 by Sacramento State Professor, Lisa Cantrell. Having experienced a change in her own life after hearing others’ personal stories, she launched the organization with funding from Sacramento State. In the first year of Capital Storytelling’s existence, Cantrell led community-wide workshops and organized events at Verge Center for the Arts in Sacramento, California.

The organization grew and became a 501c3 in 2019. In 2020, Capital Storytelling expanded to take on new staff, including Betsaida Lebron— a story coach, education curriculum developer, and the Director of Outreach who leads Capital Storytelling’s monthly Slam series. The organization now offers a wide range of classes including introductory oral storytelling, comedic storytelling, audio-radio storytelling as well as special one day workshops with community members and businesses. Capital Storytelling has trained over 500 people since 2018 and draws in 100+ attendees to its events.

We continue to train individuals through our classes, special workshops, and partnerships with local organizations to spread the transformative power of personal storytelling. The people who work at Capital Storytelling are not only skilled storytellers and radio producers, they are also deeply committed to social change. We believe that storytelling is a powerful artform. Hearing stories gives peoples new perspectives and shifts our thinking about the world. The act of telling stories empowers individuals and creates identity. Through storytelling, Capital Storytelling hopes to draw people into a world of artistic expression while fostering empathy and connection. Learn more about who we are below.


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Betsaida LeBron
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