Swapnaa Jayaraman

Board Member

Swapnaa Jayaraman is a techie by day and works making everyday software products more inclusive, more accessible, more diverse, and more globally usable. By night, she leads an education-driven child and family organization in India (a US 501(c)3 non-profit) called Pudiyador (“anew” in Tamil) that caters to disadvantaged communities. Pudiyador equips children and their families with experiences and opportunities that empower them and their communities to break the cycle of generational poverty. Swapnaa’s newest labor of love is a Pudiyador project called Playquity that works with teenage girls to build equity by inverting gender roles among communities in rural India through sport. Swapnaa is also a developmental scientist whose research aims to understand the structure in the visual environments of young children and the role of that structure in their visual development. Swapnaa has been on the Board since 2019.

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