Jean Green

Storytelling Instructor

After 32 years of working with the State of California, Jean retired. She started living life as a retired woman, free of worries; however, in 2021 boredom set in. Looking for something positive to do to fill her time, she stumbled across a Facebook ad for Capital Storytelling. She took a chance and signed up for a class during the height of the pandemic. She very quickly rose to the top of our storytelling community, standing out as a skilled and witty storyteller, wowing audiences both virtual and in person. She is “that kind of storyteller” that feels like home and makes you cry and laugh in the same breath. She was in our first cohort of the Story Ambassadors Program in 2022 and began teaching for us that same year, offering her expertise in narrative to our community. When asked about the experience, she smiles and says, “This has been an exciting and amazing journey.”

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