FREE WEBINAR: True Storytelling in Science

Science is full of compelling stories. However, we often don’t hear them in the scientific community, despite the fact that they are what engage audiences, compel listeners, and foster creativity among thinkers.  Learn about storytelling in science—the why and how—in this 1-hour webinar.

The webinar was led by Drs. Lisa Cantrell and Tamara Spence.

Dr. Lisa Cantrell is a psychologist who received her PhD at Indiana University. She has worked in laboratories for over 15 years studying human behavior and she has produced science stories for NPR. She is a professor at Sacramento State University and the founder of Capital Storytelling.

Dr. Tamara Spence is a neuroscientist who received her PhD from Wake Forest University where she studied the neural underpinnings of anxiety. She currently works for Brain Vision, a leading neuroimaging company, and uses storytelling every chance she gets.