Day 1: Discover Your Story


Day 1 is all about Discovering Your Story. You can attend just the first day or you may choose to attend both days (Day 1 and 2). Want to add Day 2?


This is Day 1 of a 2-day intensive virtual workshop; you can choose to attend only Day 1 or you can sign up to attend Days 1 and 2. Information on each day’s session is below!

Day 1: Discover Your Story (Virtual)
July 23 @ 11 AM – 1 PM PT / 2 PM – 4 PM ET
Cost: $45

In this 2 hour virtual workshop session, participants will get to experience the power of personal story discovery and sharing. They will be guided through activities to help them uncover unique personal stories from their own lives. Participants will be given personal reflection prompts to help them find those stories, understand their meaning, and then they will be given the opportunity to share their story in a small group setting if they choose. We’ll close the session through a larger group discussion on the power that storytelling has on our thinking about our lives as well as our connection to one another. This first session is for anyone interested in an introduction to storytelling and wanting to discover their own unique stories. If you only want to attend Day 1, wonderful. Enroll in only Day 1 and experience how the process of discovering your own stories can impact your thinking, empower you, and lead to creativity, empathy, and compassion for yourself and those around you.


Day 2: Facilitating Story Circles (Virtual)
July 24 @ 11 AM – 1 PM PT / 2 PM – 4 PM ET
Cost of Day 1 & 2: $120

Day 2 of this 2-day virtual workshop is intended for participants who attended Day 1 and want to continue their storytelling journey by learning how to create story spaces. Participants will be given materials and instructions on how to create story spaces or “circles” in their communities, workspaces, and beyond. During this two hour session, participants will be provided with activities and prompts to use in story circle sessions that will help people to open up, discover their stories, and share with one another. If you are interested in creating storytelling spaces and circles to impact your community or if you are simply interested in understanding ways of creating safe compassionate spaces for storytelling, this session if for you. Participants will be provided with a packet of materials they can take with them so that they can facilitate their own story circles. If you would like to attend Day 2, you should also attend Day 1 (Day 2 will build off of Day 1).


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