Jasjeet Dhanota

Workshop Facilitator

Jasjeet Dhanota is a first-generation Californian from an immigrant family from Punjab. She has lived a lot of her life blended between these two cultures, not quite fitting in with mainstream America or modern-day India. It’s in this in-between that stories became her belonging. Jasjeet found herself in the stories her grandmother told before bed, in the pages of her favorite books, and in being the youngest member of her family – often listening and observing the stories around her. She learned to write stories, finding that words could sometimes convey the unseen – feeling, thoughts, patterns. Gathering the courage to voice and share her own story has been an integral part of her evolution. A published ecologist and experienced science educator, Jasjeet now turns her curiosity to the outer reaches of her own consciousness. She is her own greatest experiment. These days, she gathers data on what helps her to feel and be well. So far, her results suggest that being outdoors, storytelling, laughter, community, and learning are essential to her wellness. Jasjeet currently teaches workshops and provides consulting grounded in these key principles.

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