One Hour Workshop: Seeing Your Stories

“I just don’t have any good stories to tell!”

This is a common belief we hear from people. Maybe you have had that thought yourself. However, it’s not true! Your life is full of rich and interesting moments– beautiful characters and memorable events. The trick is in seeing them for what they are and learning how to tell them. This workshop is intended to help you discover those stories and to guide you into sharing them orally. No experience or preparation is needed. Show up as you are with curiosity!

This is a recording of a live workshop. The 36 minute video guides you step by step through reflections and prompts that, by the end, leaves you with a new perspective on how to find and tell your personal stories!  There is also a discount code shared at the end of the video that you can use to purchase our workbook (that you can continue to use as you hone your stories).When you click “download,” you will be redirected to a page where you can choose what you’d like to pay for the video.

Instructor: Lisa Cantrell


If you have difficulty downloading the video, send an email to and we’ll make sure you have access to it!