HOLIDAY TRI-COMBO SALE: 101 Class + Game + Workbook 

Now thru December 26th, purchase our Oral Storytelling 101 class PLUS the hard copy of the Workbook AND the storytelling game for a reduced holiday price!

(Regular $225, Holiday Price $180)


When you purchase the tri-combo, you will be enrolled in our Oral Storytelling 101 class starting January 12th. You’ll also receive our storytelling game (52 cards with prompts and reflections) and a hard copy of our oral storytelling workbook. For info on each product, scroll down below!




Thursdays January 12, 19, 26, & February 2 
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM – 11 PM ET (note your time zone!)
Instructor: Diana Medina

This 4-week class trains you to tell real-life stories orally. In the first week of this class participants learn how to identify stories from their own life and how to find their focus and voice.  In weeks 2 and 3 participants continue to hone their skills as they share their own stories in front of the class and receive feedback.  On week 4, participants share their final story in front of the group. The class is offered via Zoom.


Discover Your Story (the Game!)

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Do you want to dive deep into your stories in a fun group activity? Or maybe you want to explore some of your memories through a daily personal prompt and reflection activity. Whether looking for a way to connect and share in a group or finding ways to go deeper into your own writing alone, this game will help you uncover the uniquely “you” stories from your life, guide you into finding meaning in them, and help you develop and expand memories into larger narratives.

The game includes 32 prompt cards along with 20 reflection cards that can be combined to create 640 unique story-exploration experiences. You can pull cards in a group as a fun connection and team-building activity… or use the card deck as a guide for your own personal journey as a daily exercise to get your story-juices going.


Oral Storytelling Workbook

This 34-page oral storytelling workbook is a step-by-step guide to finding and telling stories from your life. Written and illustrated by seasoned storyteller Betsaida LeBron— the workbook walks you through activities and reflections to support you on your journey to discovering your own unique personal stories. Key elements of storytelling are explained and broken down into easy-to-understand concepts that you then can turn around and use in your own story creation process. It’s not only fun and accessible; it is transformative and powerful. You will walk away with a new understanding of the events in your life– what they mean and why they matter— and empowerment to tell them.